Decalogue 5

Six: 'Thou shalt not kill.' Decalogue 5 again gives an ironic twist to this Commandment: is the repetition of the murder by the state apparatus also a murder and thus a violation of this Commandment? Kieslowski does not simply oppose the shock of a unique, traumatic encounter to the somnif- erous daily rhythm of repetitions: the ultimate force of hisfilmsresides in how he submits the unique trauma itself, in all its emotional violence, to a repetition. The result is not the trauma’s ‘renormalisation’: although, through its repetition, the traumatic event is viewed with a cold, imper- sonal distance, as part of a meaningless global machinery that automatically runs its course, this shift makes the impact even more unbearable - what is really unbearable in Decalogue is the second mur- der (punishment).


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